Ma Science Podcast

The podcast features a selection of different shows that explore a wide range of matters. It also covers the latest in reading investigate with an informal, conversational procedure.

This popular podcasting, which is geared towards a general market, is a great example of how to combine research and wit. In addition to a broad spectrum of guest celebrities (from Tanker Stewart to Jo Brand), it tackles big-picture concerns such as major biology and the nature of risk.

Psychologist Bobby Duffy investigates problem of whether some emotions happen to be universal throughout cultures from this episode of Mother Science. For example, he talks with Kathelijne Koops who have studies how tool work with shapes our behavior and argues that what may appear like common emotional reactions such as anger or perhaps maternal like are actually broadly specific.

The owners of this hugely popular display take fan base questions with regards to a variety of topics and then interview researchers operating on the frontiers of scientific discipline and technology. This is a good choice for students considering science although not ready to invest the time in a more formal, regimented podcast.

Sociology instructors may be interested in this podcast because it focuses on meaning panics and media mounting, but its focus on individual tales may make this less attractive to students who are not sociologically inclined. Teachers could discuss the episodes with students and ask them to think about their own reaction.

This podcast from NPR is the first for many organization and economics students. Their goal is usually to provide context «beyond the numbers» that help express business and economic news.